What's In A Name

It sounds complicated; but it's quite simple.

With the formation of Veraxia Commercial Real Estate Solutions came more than a new brokerage firm; there also came a heritage. The strength of such a heritage is translated through the foundation of two core covenants at Veraxia CRES:

"VER" ( latin ) Meaning TRUTH.

We deliver the truth to our clients and business partners, no matter the cost. From our own lifelong experiences, we have learned how critical it is to hold fast to this commitment. We are advisors who seek to understand our clients’ endeavors and deliver sound advice with candid honesty. From the outset of any partnership, we ask for consistent clarity in our mutual expectations and the methods used to achieve them.

"AXIA" ( greek ) Meaning VALUE.

At Veraxia CRES, doing the job is futile unless our business partners realize a transparent value in both the process and the results. We consistently look to refine how to deliver both an intangible and monetary value in our relationships. Through this commitment, we raise the bar on integrity and accountability, as we deliver new and better solutions for our clients.